Childhood Childhood

I was born in Rome on 7/10/01. At a young age I moved to Greece where I live to this day. When I was 9 years old my mother, us gave a gift computer to me and my brother. As a small child seeing all these nice graphics that a computer has created for me the wonder of how they can be made. So thanks to this curiosity in combination with a lot of passion I started to deal with this epistemology. I went through most of the branches of this epistemology for example (Graphic design, Video Editing, 3D modeling etc), but what attracted me the most is the programming. At the age of 12 I made my first small video game with the Game Maker machine, It may not have been very successful but it was definitely the beginning of a great career.

University Childhood

At the moment I am studying at DIPAE of computer and electronic systems engineering. The physiognomy of the Department harmonizes and serves the modern, rapidly evolving trends in the wider scientific areas of Informatics and Electronic Engineering. The undergraduate program (PPS) and the two programs of Postgraduate Studies (PMS) as well as and all scientific and research activities aim at the integration of science and technology related to the design, development, implementation, management, maintenance and the expansion / improvement of hardware and software systems, whether it is stand-alone electronic and computer systems, whether individual components of a wider range electronic and computer systems and / or electronic and computer systems of controlled equipment.

Career Childhood

My brother Paschali and I set up Celani Software House together. Celani Software House is one company that produces all kinds of software, such as Websites, mobile / desktop applications, software for smart cars etc. At the moment we are dealing with Game Development. 21/12/20 The release took place from our first Game TrapWar